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Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum but not to the Microsoft ecosystem. I've also been a die-hard user of Firefox for many years and although it has many features that are just brilliant (e.g. the Multi-Account Containers), I've always felt like that browser was one step behind in regards to fluidity due to its engine. Therefore, I'm giving Edge another chance, hoping it can eventually give me something like that Multi-Account Containers feature from Firefox. I'm loving the new Edge... at least, for the most part. HOWEVER, there's something that keeps bothering me; that is, the "go back" shortcut.


Let me explain. When you use Windows, you (can) use "backspace" key to go back. I use that shortcut a lot in the File Explorer. The built-in apps also use "backspace" to go back and there are many third-party apps that use the very same simple but effective shortcut. That was also the shortcut IE used and I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure that was also the shortcut the original Microsoft Edge used and it's also the shortcut used by Firefox. So even though I know Microsoft is trying to attract Google Chrome users by using that browser shortcut (alt + arrow left), I think they should AT LEAST provide an option to change that shortcut to "backspace", which is used almost everywhere even in their own OS and apps and also in order to keep consistency. I work a lot from the computer and that shortcut is what keeps making me going back to Firefox.


Thanks in advance for reading me and, please, excuse my English, but I'm not a native speaker.


Cheers from a Chilean living in Colombia!

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I remember Google changed the shortcut from backspace key to to Alt+ Arrow because many users complained that they were pressing backspace accidentally and it was frustrating, also Google's diagnostic data confirmed it too.



as you can see they even made an extension to disable backspace key for going back

I think Microsoft wasn't planning on attracting Chrome users, but instead they used the same shortcuts because it was proven before (according to Google) that it wasn't very pleasant to users.

however I do agree there needs to be a section where we can change the key bindings, just like in games.

@xMachina I agree - as I got used to Microsoft's software system, this difference in behaviour is annoying.

@xMachinaI just discovered the about:flags feature in Edge. Advanced browser features are available after entering this in the address bar. Once there you can search for 'backspace' and find the setting Assigns the Backspace key to go back a page


Yeah, I know. I wrote this post when that feature wasn't part of the "flags". As soon as the feature was added there, I started using it. It works perfectly, for me at least. However, I think it should already be moved to the main settings. Thanks for your reply, though!
Yeah I think it's been tested enough as a flag and it's time to bring it to Edge settings.
send feedback about it, more people ask for it, higher priority it will have for developers to do it.
I agree. The feature works flawlessly. I hadn't thought about sending feedback asking for it to be moved to the main settings, though. I think it's a good idea. I'm going send feedback today. Thanks for the idea, mate!
Np, yes sending feedback through browser is actually the only way Edge team receive requests and register them on their database.