Quick links problems with New Edge

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The quick links shows web sites I have never used and cannot be removed. I click on the dots in the icon  nd choose remove, which it does until I close Edge and reopen later the web sites are there gain.

The other complaint concerns the privacy notice appears every time Edge -  is there a way to stop this happening? 

Thanks for any help available.

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Next to each link is a ellipsis (three-dotted) menu, click it and it reads:-





Take your pick.



When I use the 3 dots it removes until I sign on again and the icons appear again.

Hey there @alpexec! Are you allowing cookies on the New Tab Page, or are you perhaps clearing cookies on browser exit? The New Tab Page saves your quick links and preferences as cookies, so you will need to allow those cookies for the settings you choose on the New Tab Page itself to persist!


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Thanks very much for your reply.

the cookies were being removed on shutdown. I have now changed the setting and the problem has been cured.

Regards and thanks again.