PWA fullscreen like IE11 kiosk mode

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we are using IE11 kiosk mode to deploy to lots of organisations. It is a very lightweight way to have a fullscreen experience. We want to add offline capabilities as well, so PWA with fullscreen for desktop would be a natural way to go in our opinion. 


Right now, if I run PWA desktop in fullscreen it still shows the Title bar.


Will there be a PWA "kiosk" like mode where I can start the app fullscreen?


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Take a look at this Superuser question


This " --start-fullscreen" works on Edge insider browser too.


@HotCakeX thanks, we are actually using an installer to do just that part. It would be nice if my users could install my app themselves on their computer, without going through corporate IT to run a simple (but very scary....for IT admin) installer. 


You can do it by hand as explained in your link, but that involves some steps that are beyond the grasp of many normal users. 


I Think you could automate the process and roll out that app using Group Policy, Registry, SCCM, Intune etc.

I haven't tried that myself though but it should be possible.

this policy configuration file is constantly update whenever new features are introduced into the browser, if you feel there is a policy missing in there that could help your situation and others' then you should suggest it in the feedbacks :)

@HotCakeX I know you can do that with a group policy but our app runs in over 70 organisations (all with their own IT department) in 45 countries...?

I also suggested: SCCM and Intune