Profile picture doesn't sync

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It has been two days since i changed my profile picture but edge profile doesn't sync


any way to fix?

Annotation 2020-04-02 175614.pngAnnotation 2020-04-02 175529.png

Edge profile



using 83.0.472.0 canary

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is the picture on Microsoft website the newer one or the one on Edge?
if the one on Microsoft website is the newer one try signing out and sign back in again on Edge.

That helped! Thanks
You're welcome, hope they fix it so it will happen automatically in the future :)

@HotCakeX actually edge android profile picture doesn't sync too



Was profile not syncing a known issue?

Umm I think so, i tried it once and it updated quickly on Edge but looks like it's regressed now

@HotCakeX didn't work for me, any way to submit this as a bug?