Problems with PDF printing in Edge

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Good morning.

Recently we had reports of users having problems when printing PDF, where it was not adjusting the printing area automatically. To resolve the problem manually, users need to click on "Actual Size" and then return to "Adjust to the print area", this way it changes the scale correctly. Testing was carried out on older versions of Edge and this problem did not appear. Thanks in advance!

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@BrunoDalmolin - Had a user dealing with this yesterday and after doing the mentioned steps, it went back to 60% instead of 100%. 

The user had to change it each time she was printing because the setting would not stay.



@awakenafricans That's exactly it, another thing I noticed is that if you change the value manually in the "Actual Size" field, on the next printout it will pull the old value entered and not the correct value corresponding to the page.

Users reporting the same issue within my org as well.
Confirmed we're using: Version 124.0.2478.51 (Official build) (64-bit)

After my first report, I found a thread on Reddit about it

I noticed this problem but it seems to be fixed here.

Did you configure anything? It's still the same here, and I saw that no update has been released to fix it so far.
I know there is a fix for Chrome. So it's a matter of time to fix Edge.
Yes, we did this test on the same day, and we saw that it had been fixed in Chrome, Microsoft will probably release a correction patch soon.

I just updated Edge to version 124.0.2478.67 and the problem is fixed. @BrunoDalmolin