Print Preview cannot be loaded and system printing dialog cannot be displayed

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Hi, In recent canary updates, the web page printing function is down. On my computers, the built-in print preview cannot be loaded, and the system print dialog cannot be displayed. If I use Google Chrome, everything is ok.
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Hi @Bill Young, in your screenshot it appears that the print dialog is still attempting to load.  The text is very hard to read because it is white on light grey.  How long did you wait before capturing this screen shot?  If you still see this on even very simple web sites, such as a single image, please file a feedback with the send-a-smile at the top of the screen.  This will include some rudimentary telemetry that may help us diagnose what is going on.



Hi, @Elliot Kirk 

I waited one night and the print preview loading image still. And I also tested Canary build on other Windows PCs, the same (all in Chinese Simplified language)... Do you have this issue?

I will file a feedback within Edge Canary.