Please let me use Internet Explorer in peace

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A lot of websites only work in Internet Explorer. When I open it, its usually because I've tried Edge and Chrome and the site or device I need won't work in either. I really don't need a banner harassing me to switch to Edge when the fact that I'm here means I've tried edge and failed.


More than a nuisance, this banner worries me because I'm afraid that it means Microsoft will stop allowing me to use Internet Explorer at all. The Adobe Flash sunset was a catastrophe for a lot of internet culture. I am afraid that will be repeated. 


Part of why I am a loyal Microsoft customer is your commitment to reverse-compatibility. I have a system for which I have to emulate Internet Explorer 10 to get it to work properly. The fact that you allow that is amazing. Please don't be Adobe. Continue to support Internet Explorer and stop telling me to switch. I'm already using Edge for everything that works on Edge.

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