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Is there anything in the works for pinning Favorites to the left side of the screen? With the option for people who prefer the right side as well. Sorry if this is seems petty and a minor issue but it is a deal killer for me. 


So far I like the new Edge but don't use it often because of this reason. My preference is IE11 with Canary to open things IE11 doesn't. 


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That sounds like a good suggestion worth implementing because currently if you want to put a bookmark/favorite on the right side, you have to keep creating them on the left side until they bump each other to the right and go to the position you want.

There is also this flag


Annotation 2019-10-19 120406.png


that you can try but it changes the whole UI direction to RTL (Right to Left)

you can try and see how it goes :)



I think you are talking about pinning the favorites to the top the way it does now but runs the opposite direction when the bar fills up?


I am talking about pinning them to the left side of the screen, like IE11 does. Firefox allows pinning to the left, right, or top. Safari pins to the left or top. Attached is a photo I found on the internet with the red box showing what I am talking about.


Thank you.

That's just showing Internet explorer's panel, that's just IE's UI, Edge has a different one. does it cause any productivity issues for you that they are on the right side now instead of the left side? because to me it doesn't