Pinned Tabs in Vertical Layout

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What happened to pinned tabs in the vertical layout? They used to display as icons, like how they display in the horizontal layout. Now, in the latest Canary and Dev builds, they're displayed like regular tabs, not as icons. Each pinned tab uses up the entire width of each line, so they're visually the same as non-pinned tabs. This is a terrible decision!


I have like 30 pinned tabs, and previously they were all displayed in a nice grid layout of icons at the top of my vertical tab bar. Now, since each pinned tab takes up an entire line, they use up all my vertical space and the feature has become useless. Please go back to the original layout of icons for pinned tabs, or provide a setting that would allow users to configure this to their preference.

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I also submitted feedback for this, i was very sad to see this change, it made vertical tabs so much better for me and while i am not sure why it was changed, it would be nice to at least have a setting to go back to the previous way of it just showing the favicon / icon



it's back to the way it was before now, in Edge Version 90.0.784.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)


pinned tabs in vertical tabs only have favicons, when the vertical tab panel is pinned.



THANK YOU for sharing, i have switched over to canary for now, it's much better having the favicons only option back. 

You're welcome,
Dev will soon get the change too :)
Just confirmed that the upgrade from Edge 88.0.705.81 to 89.0.774.48 (Official build) (64-bit) screwed up the pinned tabs by changing them from icons to full text. This hogs all of the real estate on the left side of the browser window and, if you have enough pinned tabs, makes it so you can't even access or scroll the unpinned tabs. Please put it back! This removes and spoils the beauty of vertical tabs. If you don't want to put it back as it was, at least give us a choice of how to display the pinned tabs so we can put it back based on preference.
please make sure to send this using the feedback button on Edge too.
(shortcuts: Alt + shift + i)

Edge developers made that change but after some time, when they realized people don't like it, reverted it back, but the change happened in version 90 (if i remember correctly). so i mean the next stable version will definitely be the way you want, and insider channels like Dev/Canary/(soon)Beta are the way you want.

@HotCakeX I guess I'm the only one who prefers the pinned vertical tabs to display fully.  I was quite annoyed by the change in Edge v90 to display pinned tabs as only icons, and I sent a complaint via feedback.

To me, the whole point of vertical tabs is to see more of all the tab names, to better identify them. Pinned tabs just stay at the top.

Clearly, this should be a user option.

I'd like them to be icons only too. It looks confusing when the pinned tabs look exactly the same as normal tabs. An option would be the best of both worlds.
You're not the only one ^^
i'd say it's 50-50 among users
If you have a large number of pinned tabs, as I do, the pinned tabs take up all the real-estate on the left side and the unpinned tabs aren't accessible. I know the position and icon of my pinned tabs and don't need to see the full text label. Since there are others who want full names, then it sounds like the solution is to make it a settings option whether you want just icons or full names. I am VERY happy they went back to just icons!

@HotCakeX Is there any way to change the pinned tab to look just like normal tab in vertical mode? I need to see the title so I know if there's any unread notification on my pinned tab. Thanks.

It's a change that made by Edge developers at the request of users, if you would like, please use the feedback button on Edge to share your feedback.
press Edge's (...) menu => Help and feedback => Send feedback


Thanks for taking all our feedback into account

I, personally love the way it is now with only the favicon, I'm all for user options though. 



I wouldn't see much difference in a pinned and unpinned tab they looked the same, showing the site/page title. Since tabs can be rearranged, how would a pinned tab showing the whole title help over and unpinned tab that you have at the top of the list. (Serious question, not trying to be snarky)

@gweather they look the same but they behave different. Pinned tabs will automatically open when I launch the browser. And they won't be closed by the close other tabs option. If you have to keep tabs (no pun intended) on multiple tabs then it'll be a hassle to open them again each time.

@gweather  My reason would be when you want multipile pinned tabs that happen to share the same Icon, it's impossible to know what site is what without hovering over it. A way to customize the icon would be nice to