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Hello, I'm in love with Edge's new tab Group feature, but there is one issue with it. usually, People want those groups to open whenever the browser starts up. so I have a suggestion to add Pin group feature where it works just like pin tab. What do you think insiders?



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I like the idea, it'd be useful.
if you haven't already, please submit it using the feedback button on Edge
from Edge (...) menu => Help and Feedback => Send feedback
All Done, Hopefully it will be added.
I hope so too,
if anyone else like this, should do the same to increase the chance of getting this feature implemented.

@Adel-A  Good idea. I've requested this, and the option to save a whole group to favourites and/or Collections in one go, instead of having to do it per tab.

Oh saving to favorites sounds good too! I love the idea.
any news on if this will be implemented ?
tab groups disappear after browser restart, have to recreate the groups every time... why have the groups if they arent a permanent fixture? or perhaps give the option to make them permanent or temporary... super frustrating for someone who would utilize the permanency everyday, im glad to see others would find this a benefit!
Tab groups along with vertical tabs is a fantastic improvement. BUT after I had set up tab groups on four named windows, then I had to reboot my computer, and this reboot erased all my tab history, tab groups, and named windows.

That has cost me a few weeks of my time to find the important tabs that I had saved. And, yes, I have Edge set to open my previous tabs but that did not work on the last restart. An MS tech could not find why this happened and could not tell me where I might restore this important data.

So, what use are the tab groups and windows names if Microsoft deletes their database upon a restart? The default should be to save everything but that is not the present case with Edge. MS stores everything else I do, e.g., in Word and Outlook. So, why does Edge delete or lose the database, and a quite simple database, when I restart?

And is there any way to recover this database?



An old post I know but it sounds like you have the same problem I did, and that problem is still not fixed natively to Edge (or any browser, really).


I finally found TabXpert extension which 100% solves this problem. Reboot any time you want and you can get your windows back instantly even if Edge crashes, windows crashes, and you don't use the "resume browsing where I left off" setting. It'll also sync across computers (sync requires paying, and is absolutely worth it). The only thing it can't do is restore the names of the windows; you have to do that manually.