.PDF Links Do Not Work In Edge

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I create publications for internal and external use. Using Adobe Acrobat Pro, I create links from a landing page .pdf to open specific publications for viewing. From a publication .pdf, you can click a bookmark and return to the landing page. Now that our company and customers are migrating to Edge from IE, the links no longer work (they didn't work in Chrome either). Looking for direction on a solution to the issue. 

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can you show some example of the links you are using?


This is my landing page. The badges/icons and some text are links that open up another .pdf (full book publication). From the book that opens, I added a bookmark automated to return the user to this landing page. 

I produce the landing page in Adobe Illustrator and output as a .pdf, then use Adobe Acrobat to do my linking. My books that link to it are produced in Adobe Framemaker, output as a .ps, then distilled as .pdfs. All automation is created in Adobe Acrobat.

Having trouble printing from PDFs. Whenever I open a PDF and print or try to print the printers missing, I have to go into devices and restart the print spooler.