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Hello All,


In Chrome all the passwords are synced with my Google account. 


Where do the passwords get synced for Edge? Is it to the outlook account that I have setup? If so, how do I access from any other device?





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Hi @JeyGD 

Your synced passwords are all here:


you can access them on any other devices, be it on IOS, Android or other browsers.

Go to the settings

Annotation 2019-11-05 110326.png


on phone, go to the Edge browser app, from the settings go to the passwords and they should be all there. but first you have to choose on your Edge phone app to sync with Edge insider channels instead of the old classic Edge.


Microsoft wrote an extensive article about Passwords in here if interested:

Hello @HotCakeX , thank you for the response. It is helpful. Thanks again.

You're welcome, glad I could help :)
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