Password Management (like Keychain Access)

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My family and I have become chained to macOS and iOS because of the Keychain Access password management system in iCloud/macOS/iOS. If Windows (and Edge-C by extension) had a solid password management feature built-in, I could see some of us feeling comfortable moving back to Windows & Edge.


We're not interested in 3rd-party payware extension for password management. We love the Apple ecosystem for easier, built-in password management. I'd love to see the Windows ecosystem have the same thing, please.

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I hope we can get the Windows ecosystem just how you and your family will love.


We are improving our new browsers frequently with the feedback of our users.


That being said, we do have a great password management system built into the new Microsoft Edge.

But it won't be completely useable until we get the password options for profile Syncing released.


Once it does you will have that great password management with our new browsers on the go.


We appreciate your feedback,





That’s wonderful news ... looking forward to trying the new password management solution. :thumbs_up: Thank you!



Your welcome and I'm excited for you to go on this journey with us with Microsoft Edge Insider browsers.


Will look forward to any future feedback or feature requests.







this is now available!

Saved Passwords in Edge are now available to All apps on Mobile - System Wide Password Manager

(saved passwords in Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS) are all synced with the same Microsoft account.