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After I opening multiple tabs in edge canary and other tests its eating resources cpu and memory can this be optimized for reduce consumption its slowing down windows 10 its affects alot the system
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I think when we launch multiple (heavy) tabs and put so much load on the browser, it tried to load them as quickly as possible, that's why there is a sudden spike in CPU usage, but once the tabs are loaded, the CPU usage goes back to normal and so does the power consumption
Is there something can do to reduce the heavy load on browser its has an side effect in tests of the browser
Not much, there is a flag that has something to do with disk cache but it won't have much effects specially on SSDs you use,
in here they say on the Quality area that they're going to make Edge use less CPU but we have to wait and see about that
Interesting I will wait to see for improvements

@snakehunter1765But why do you have to open all these multiple tabs in one time?


I browse alot on the web I open many tabs to see where I looked in links
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@snakehunter1765  there many google chrome extension (works with Edge) can help you to keep many of your tabs aside till you finish , like Onetab and Great suspender 

Interesting many thanks edge canary don't have it yet this can be a good suggestion
They know we want the Set tabs aside feature from the Edge classic
They should implement it it's good feature from old edge
For sure, that's one of the things makes Edge different from chrome
I want this implement it instead using chrome extensions
Yeah built in feature would be more reliable. extension can be taken down by the developer any time and then no more compatibility updates
This old feature tabs aside need to return to new edge and retain it can this push to the dev's of new edge chromium?

@snakehunter1765  Both of them are there available for Canary all users,

but you can wait till they develop a new a aside extension for Edge Chromium.



@snakehunter1765 wrote:
This old feature tabs aside need to return to new edge and retain it can this push to the dev's of new edge chromium?

Yes there is nothing stopping them to ship that feature to the new Edge Dev/Beta/Canary, and when it happens it will first appear in Canary and then Dev and so on.

I sent this suggestion to feedback inside edge canary app I thought it might help people to make it easy for them
I forward the suggestion in feedback app inside edge I can wait until its develops for edge browsers
Good job!