Open Url with different profile

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I have 2 Edge profiles and on those I have set 'Automatic Profile Switching' Off. However when I open a Url that I have also open in one of the profiles it does not allow me open the same Url in the second profile. I used to be able to do this until recently. Is there a way to make this work?


I see that the default profile for external links is set to 'Last used' but I want to be able to open the same Urls from different profiles.

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I recently had this problem also, with certain URL's opening in other Edge profiles and not the profile currently in use (active). To resolve the issue, go to settings under edge://settings/profiles/multiProfileSettings, under "Profile preferences for sites" you will see URL's listed (Website) with Action and Profile name (which will be the profile that the URL keeps defaulting to opening in), and then delete the required URL entry. Once deleted, you will be able to open the URL in your active/preferred profile.