On the Same Page

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I felt like mumbling about how often there are comments, actually, about various things, various contexts, that all root back to how people feel about staying on the same page... the same page they were viewing, visiting, working on or in, sharing in whole or in part AND had come upon something that raised a 'concern', something on that IN USE page.

Whether it's Add notes, Share, (other) material in the ellipsis (Share is currently misplaced), search, et al, a person should not have to leave the page "of the moment" and be switch to an, actual, other page.  The Chromium approach does this a lot.  Much as we adjust & adapt to Edge C which, is, REALLY, likable, I have, always, wished it did not use this page-changing approach (so much).  It strikes me as much nicer if you see both simultaneously, your page and what needed an associated peek.  It seems SO logical not to, actually, leave your page for something that is FOR IT. Or leaving it seems VERY illogical & NOT intuitive.


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It doesn't bother me at all though, switching to different tabs has never been easier.
right now Edge insider is suffering from serious Sync issues I think they must be prioritized first.