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Whenever I try to open an XML file with Office XML Handler, I have this window coming back every time




If I remember correctly, the XML files opened with the default browser with this setting,

With Edge Canary, it does not work

Is it related to Edge Canary ?


Thanks for your help

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correct me if i'm wrong, this happens after you download an XML file with Edge insider canary and then in downloads area that appears at the bottom of Edge window you click on the file?





No it is XML files that I already have on my PC


oh okay,


Edge canary does have issues with XML


for example saving this as an .XML file and dragging on Edge canary shows some error


Annotation 2019-10-08 034622.png


instead of showing the content, it tires to find the mistakes in the XML file which is not what i want.


opening it in IE however is totally fine.


Annotation 2019-10-08 035629.png

 and my Windows settings


Annotation 2019-10-08 034553.png





by the way what happens when you check this box?


Annotation 2019-10-08 040440.png


does it still ask you to select office XML handler every time?




Ok, it's a problem with Canary, so ?

And if I open with Canary, I have this message "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below." (above the contents of the file)


Yes, I checked this box and still ask me to select office XML handler every time



Yes same here

I have IE 11 installed and when I check that box to open it always with office XML handler, it won't ask me again later and automatically opens it in IE..
not sure if this is normal behavior



I would also test, normally the XML file should open with Canary (default browser) with this option ?



Well I see Chrome and Edge insider both give error when opening XM files that are not properly formatted, though that is Not the case when opening with Notepad, Internet Explorer or Wordpad.



Ok, Microsoft is already advised of this potential problem ?



I'm not sure..
devs can see this post and comment about it



The best is to inform them by feedback, although I think others have already done so


Yes of course feedback is a good way,
but the thing is I'm not sure what the problem is exactly,


you can set Edge insider to be the default XML opener using this method (which i think you already know)


Annotation 2019-10-08 161755.png


Click on "look for another app on this PC"

and browse for the Edge insider browser location,

mine is here for Canary:


"C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge SxS\Application\msedge.exe"


once you do that, Edge will be available in the list and will appear like this:


Annotation 2019-10-08 161812.png


Now all you have to do is to Select Edge and after that check the box that says "always use this app to open .XML files.


then all XML files on your computer will correctly get Edge icon


Annotation 2019-10-08 162158.png


about the error when showing XML files, it only happens when the XML file is Not properly formatted according to the W3C standards, but if you use correct XML files like these examples then they open fine in browsers.





Yes I tested this (indicated Edge as the default program) and the layout of the XML file is horrible and I have this message above the content


"This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below."


For example : 




No problem with IE





You don't have to worry about it ^^


The message isn't an "error" but rather a warning and need not be solved but ignored. An XML document is a data structure but does not contain any presentation/style information internally. Normally an XML document is used in inter-application communication or as a pure data structure that is then used with additional presentation/style information to display to users.


XML can be applied style by XSLT just as HTML by CSS and the above warning can be eradicated 

I found some more information about it

"This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

You can ignore this completely. It doesn't mean anything important and can be safely ignored. For the technical description of what it means, see below.

XML is a way of marking up a file to give the text meaning. For example, you can include a URL in a text file and surround it by the XML tags <url> and </url>. This would give an application instructions on how to handle the text (ie treat it as a URL).

An advanced feature of an XML file is to give styling information. This means that the XML document can be displayed to you in your web browser with fancy font styling to make it look nice. Since an XML file is mostly for inter-application communications, it doesn't need any kind of styling. When you go to view the XML file in your browser, your browser is just telling you that there is no styling information so it is displaying the XML file as is."

hope that helps



Ok thanks for the explanation but the "formatting" is just horrible compared to IE for example
And I do not like to have an error or warning message, for me it's that something is wrong :)


I would watch with Google Chrome see how it's


And for XML files that does not open, I'll indicate it by feedback, so



Yw, As you wish :)



I did some tests, and in fact "Office XML Handler" is Internet Explorer
No matter which browser is selected by default, IE opens the XML file with this option is selected for the default program

Yes, providing that IE is installed and available on the system