Notification badges for PWAs pinned to the taskbar

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If possible, it would be good to see notification badges on taskbar for the pinned website like Twitter and other social media platforms




we already get some sort of hint when there is notification available on Twitter on Edge favorites toolbar, (using Edge canary 83 at the moment)

notice the small red dot. it disappears when I go to Twitter and check my notifications or mark them as read.




i think this is great and needs to be visible on the Taskbar pinned items too.

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That would be VERY good indeed!

@HotCakeX That's a great suggestion! Quick question before I pass it on to the team: would you ideally want the same UI (a red dot,) a count of notifications, or some other indicator?


Fawkes (they/them)
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Hi, Thank you!

I would ideally want a number to indicate notifications count, that would be just great, but if it's not possible for some reason, a red dot (preferably bigger in size) should suffice.

@HotCakeX The team has seen your feedback and is actively looking into possible solutions. (It sounds like there might even be some early trials of this in the Chromium Project too!)


Fawkes (they/them)
Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

That's great news, thanks, should make things easier :)

Just wanted to mention that it's possible to have badges on taskbar, I previously thought it's not







Can we expect this to work on Mac as well? 

I use Mac OS at work but Windows at home, and the new Edge is a winner for me. 


To manage my emails and see badges count on Mac dock, I use a tool called Wavebox. If a similar behaviour could work with a PWA apps for or Gmail, that would be a game changer! 




Looking forward for this! 




Would you have any updates on this awesome feature?

I have installed Outlook PWA from Edge on Windows 10.

I would like to have a notification badge to show the new emails/unread. Otherwise a red dot notification.