No sound from Read Aloud

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When I try and "Read Aloud" it appears to be working (animation moves, start/stop work, voice selection available etc.) but I get no sound.  I have checked all the sound settings and everything else works, including video via the browser, just not Read Aloud audio.

Version (Official build) dev (64-bit)

Windows 10 Build 17134


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Is there any reason why you're using an old version of Windows 10?
It's always recommended to keep your PC up-to-date, lots of things might go wrong when mixing new software with old OS.

@HotCakeX Unfortunately this is a work machine so I am at the mercy of their rollout.  However, on my home machine, which is up to date, Read Aloud works just fine.  Perhaps I will wait for the work machine to get a little more caught up and try again later.


Thanks for the reply though.


same problem for me with last few builds (Version 79.0.300.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)+os build 18999.1). All new "Online (natural)" voices give no sound. All "old" voice versions (not online) are OK.

Voice flag is enabled.

Annotation 2019-10-11 144523.png

And, yes, new voice setting window looks awesome! Thanks!

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Same problem on latest stable new Edge, it just doesn't work with the online voices anymore.


10/8/20: STILL DEAD IN EDGE 86.

Well, it's been quite a long wait, but just today I have found the online natural voices to finally be working again! -- 89.0.774.45


did you do anything?  change setting etc?  I am having the same issue.  However, I just did the latest update. 

@Andy Burbidge 

This problem is because the default selected voice in Edge is not installed in the Windows. Selecting one of the installed voice will resolve the problem. 



Actually, didn't do anything other than update. I have read elsewhere that apparently the problem was due to a flaw in the Strict tracking prevention mode affecting the online read aloud voice access. It could have been fixed all along if switched back to Balanced, e.g. But now it finally works as expected again with Strict mode selected.  Cheers

@vishnupv Thank you for your post, this is happening to me as well though it was working in April. I do not usually use Edge, can you elaborate on how to get the voice approved by Windows? 

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Might it be that your employer has had a Network wide Application of "Group Permissions" thereby disabling the audio so that their employees aren't able to listen to audio despite their best efforts? Just a thought since I did the exact thing using Group @Andy Burbidge


Windows Networking: User Accounts, Groups, Permissions ...

07/04/2014 · In the Properties window, go to the Security tab. In the “Group or user names” section you will see all the user accounts and use groups that have permissions to that folder. If you select a group or a user account, then see its assigned permissions, in the “Permissions for Users” section.


@vishnupv Thank you, this solved my issue. It's strange too because when I first used the natural voices they were fine, but today when they spoke a tad, they soon cut off.

@Andy Burbidge @IntelliMoo  Hey all, I think I might have the answer.  Today I tried using this feature for the first time.  It showed that it was working through my document, but I heard nothing.  So I went to my sound settings and kept choosing different devices.  None of the external sources worked, but when I finally selected the pc's default device, it worked!



Hope this helps!