New spell checking engine not working in multiple languages

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Since the new spell checking engine was rolled out, both Google Chrome and Edge can only spell check in Windows 's system language. 
The blog instructions are straightforward, and my system has the languages installed:




The browser settings are OK:


But only the primay Windows language is being spell checked - the one used in the System User Interface.




Edge is on Version 83 stable: 




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@Tiago Freire 


System Settings: languages are installed correctly according to blog post:




According to blog post, if language is not available, it should fall back to hunspell, the old engine, but it is not working.

Has anyone had a similar issue?
Is there a workaround?

Hi @Tiago Freire ,


Same problem here, under the very same situation (multiple languages on Edge). No workaround so far. Sorry!


By the way, every time I open Chromium-based Edge  (version 87.0.664.66, Official Build) it is recorded on Event Viewer a warning about Spell-Checking EventID 20 "Attempt to initialise Excluded Words wordlist in en-GB spell checker failed. This could be due to a bug with the spell checker. The spell checker will remain available.". I guess it does not remain fully available at all.

@Tiago Freire I have the exact same problem for months. This is so frustrating.


I'm giving up and going back to Chrome.

@Tiago Freire Precisely the same here using English and Spanish as a second language. Have tried everything and losing patience for Edge. I have just migrated the whole company to Office 365 and this just made working fully 100% online impossible... (and don´t get me started on saving things directly to SharePoint!) 

¡Interesante, aquí detecta el idioma y funciona bien! Well that´s interesting, I have the Microsoft Editor (last ditch to make it work) and it detects both languages fine.
Looks like it´s only a problem using outlook web app in that case!
For those Googling, issue now fixed with Edge on 21 November 2021, just go the Languages section of edge and select your spell checker language. It must be one of your your general settings' language. No need to restart the browser, just fly over section where false fault red marker are present and they will disappear.

@TechAddict I solve the problem setting the speller on Microsoft Edge and the Microsoft Editor and select to enable the Spanish and Portuguese.   After that the speller started behaving properly including on the WhatsApp App and other Windows App.



I just realize that only works for few words then switch to english and stop working.