New feature: Picture Dictionary in Immersive Reader in Edge Version 83.0.461.1

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this new option added to Edge Version 83.0.461.1 (Official build) canary (64-bit)


simply double click on a word and a picture will appear showing you what it means












this is an article belonging to Edge legacy and demonstrates how this feature works and is useful.

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This is not the Windows I was looking for :lol:




As of Edge Version 83.0.472.0 canary, it is behind a flag and needs to be enabled to have Dictionary option available in Immersive Reader mode


Picture Dictionary in Immersive Reader

Enable Picture Dictionary feature in Immersive Reader – Mac, Windows




it has also more improvements now in this version, it looks bigger and the word shows at top of the image.


@HotCakeX Wish they would make it really useful by supporting reading mode for non-english sites.

Yes that would be great. they just need to add databases for other languages and translations.