New feature: Dictionary added to PDF reader in Edge










Today in Edge Version 90.0.806.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

this new item on the top feedback list is added




the feature is based on controlled feature rollout plan


this is the first implementation, so far everything works except for the definition result, just loads blank, it should become ready in future builds.


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it seems to be working now, the definition, the audio button that pronounces the word, and also the copy button. (all parts of the new define/dictionary feature)


Microsoft Edge Version 90.0.809.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)






I received it yesterday in build 91.0.830.0. Seems to be working well. Will be even better if the popup can be theme aware.



Yes, and also the ability to define words in other languages.
at least to languages users add here: edge://settings/languages


Hi, I'm currently in China and the Netherlands. How can I use this functionality? (currently I'm using MS Edge legacy for PDF reading). When I re-installed this newest version, I still can't find dictionary function in the menu.

By the way, may I ask another question: how can I change the region setting for Edge?
My system is set to the Netherlands, and language Dutch, and the legacy Edge show news feeds in Dutch. However, MS Edge show all news feeds in Chinese on its main page. How to solve this problem (I'm currently in China)

@HotCakeX Hi, Thanks for introducing this fancy functionality! Happy to see it coming back to the Chrome-based Edge!

However, I have two suggestions:

1. It will be even better to let the definition appear once the word is double-clicked or touched (on touch screen). This is a very convenient feature in legacy Edge.

2. Why not make the function available to all regions.  For example, my MS Edge doesn't show "define '...'" options when reading PDF or website in immerse reading mode. (I'm in China)

3. Does it support languages other than English? e.g. will Dutch and Chinese also be supported in near future?


Thanks and look forward to reply!

you can learn more about this feature here, answers all your questions about it:

keep in mind that it's still a controlled feature rollout, not available to everyone just yet

also Edge has no region or country in it, there is only a section on new tab page and web capture where you can change your location for weather info.
your location is determined based on your IP address,
I urge the devs to bring back the offline dictionary feature that was available for both pdf and immersive reader in the Legacy Edge. After the new system update I can't rollback to the legacy edge despite following the microsoft's documentations. As per my requirements, I have to use both the ink and offline dictionary simultaneously and the microsoft ended the most beautiful legacy edge.


Hi, thank you very much!!! They answered my questinos, and I'm glad to know that there's a vigorous process towards this feature!

Besides, may I have several suggestions/questions:


1. Enable Dutch in the supported dictionary language.


2. Let the definition of a "selection" pop-up directly when selecting the text (as Legacy Edge does). For TouchScreen, the def shows when touching a word.


3. Make note-taking more comfortable:
(1) Remember the settings of pen color and width. (so that it doesn't always revert to default setting)
(2) Make ink width to be pressure-sensitive, so that writings are more beautiful.
(3) For TouchScreen, enable word selection by single touch


4. May you let the developers know about these suggestions? Or who can let them know?

if you haven't already, please send this feedback using the feedback button on Edge.
press Edge's (...) menu button => Help and feedback => send feedback

for now, inking is available for offline usage, just not the dictionary.


Hey, it's cool that the features are enabled in a scrolling manner!


How can I find the dictionary for pdf reading, as well as other features related to reading/note-taking in Edge://flags?



there are 2 types of features in Edge, those that you can activate yourself in Edge flags, and those that are activated remotely by Edge developers. this feature is one of them
it's called controlled feature rollout or in short, CFR