New Feature: Built in Picture in Picture mode (PIP) is added to Microsoft Edge Global Media Controls


Microsoft Edge Canary Version 82.0.442.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)










The flags you need to enable: edge://flags/



Global Media Controls Picture-in-Picture

Enables Picture-in-Picture controls in the Global Media Controls UI. Requires #global-media-controls to also be enabled. – Mac, Windows




Global Media Controls

Enables the Global Media Controls UI in the toolbar. – Mac, Windows



Microsoft Edge browser now has support for Picture in Picture mode built in.


it works in all websites playing video.

this is another example for Twitch




the PIP pop up video can be dragged to anywhere on the screen and it will stay on top of other applications




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This is a great addition to the Global Media Controls. Earlier it was of no value to me, but with PiP control, I will use it more often. This is way useful because some sites disable the context menu, so I had to use PiP extension & extension to enable the right click menu. Thanks for reporting it! :D


Btw are they planning to enable it natively without the use of a flag?

Yay, your welcome, I find it useful too ^^

well I hope once Edge stable reaches Ver 82 this feature will be enabled by default
Yea, I hope this is enabled by default soon...

It'd be nice if this could render in full screen apps on macOS. Perhaps this would require using macOS's native PiP feature (like in Safari, which does support full screen apps).

@HotCakeX I am testing it right now on my Surface Pro 7 and it's working very well; great to casually watch a video and do some research or whatever too. Could imagine this also helping out a lot of people during the Pandemic when they can watch a lecture like this and take notes at the same time!

My two cents are: Add pinch-to-zoom for the PiP window to improve the experience.

Other and than that, great feature!

Yeah that'd be great. It's now available on Edge stable too ver 85.
pinch to zoom would be good, also IMO double tapping on it to make it full screen (Firefox has it).
on non-touch device i can use mouse to resize it, is the same thing possible with touch? (don't have much experience with tocuh devices)
Yes, resizing by catching just the edge of the window is possible and works quite good. But most people would probably go for pinch-to-zoom when using a touch device. Double-tap for fullscreen would also be a nice feature 👍🏼

@HotCakeX  is there any way to seek forward and backward from keyboard shortcuts?


@Mahdi535 wrote:

@HotCakeX  is there any way to seek forward and backward from keyboard shortcuts?

No, you have to go back to the tab to do that.


I wish there were.. and also a pip that has no max window size :(
Totally agree, i would love to be able to double click on the pip and make it full screen just like in Firefox.
please use the feedback button on Edge to send this suggestion to the developers.
Edge looks so dumb compared to Firefox in this feature

@HotCakeX  Now it's 2021 and edge version 92 is publicly available but still this feature isn't enabled by defalt.a:pouting_face::pouting_face::pouting_face:. Enable it by default.

@HotCakeX Is the Global Media Controls flag still available in Edge?  I cannot seem to find it.  If not, is there any other way to access the Gobal Media Controls?  Or has it been removed entirely?

Hi, the flag is gone now. The videos i watch just automatically get an overlay on top of them for picture in picture mode. I actually never noticed it being gone until now.