Netflix stopped working

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So i get this error:


It works on normal Chrome.
Netflix support told me its prolly you... 
I cleared cookies, i restarted PC.. i turned off all extensions, i do not have it as a bookmark... - still nothing..
this is the page of the error :

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@Brutalis  I just checked and got the same "Whoops" window, but a different (M73454) Error Code, which doesn't show up in a Netflix Help Center search.



Kinda feels good to know its not my PC at this point... i was worried..

@Brutalis    Netflix problems keep coming up and coming up, if the number of threads on this forum are any indication.



Can confirm this bug & just sent feedback via the Smiley: every video on Netflix fails to load with the exact same error as OP. This bug is totally out of the blue as yesterday, it worked great. Works in Chrome, not in Chromium Edge.


Some weird new bugs with Chromium Edge & videos lately. I sincerely hope it's not due to adding back "PlayReady" or Widevine DRM. 


Chromium Edge dev

Tested against Chrome dev 77.0.3865.10

Windows 10 Pro x64 1803 (17134.885







I had this one


in edge://flags/


I searched for DRM and set PlayReady DRM for Windows 10 to disabled. Restarted and Netflix worked.


Same thing doesnt fix a similar issue with streaming though :(