Netflix doesn't run as a PWA


I have been facing a problem with Netflix not running as a PWA. However, it works just fine if I open it directly in the browser.

I get the following error -


Moreover, I also face issues with video conferencing in PWAs.

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@Ekansh0202 this has to do with the scope of the PWA. You'll notice that when you clicked to install the PWA you were probably on a screen like But when you are in the PWA and click to watch a video, that redirects to, which is technically 'out of scope' for the PWA and causes that black bar across the top to show up. 


The easiest workaround should be to simply log out of netflix in the browser so the URL is back to just the url and install from there. That way the scope is the entire domain rather than just /browse.


Now that said, I have not seen this cause the full error you are seeing with "Pardon the interruption", only that it will remove that black bar at the top.



The last few days I've been having this problem with Netflix in both the browser and in the app itself, so I think it may be something at Netflix end, not Edge Canary.