Ms Edge Dev 85.0.538.0 Bug Report

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Hi everyone !  I have a bug on the new Edge dev version; the youtube fullscreen mode is broken... 
I don't know if it is something to do with my gpu (i have 2 gpu may be it is the problem?) or the Browser but it is broken; it's sad since edge is an awesome browser. 
I send you some screenshot.
Here are info on my version:

Microsoft Edge: 85.0.538.0 (Version officielle) dev (64 bits)
Révision: e884a7923b198391344f913bf754a8f64704bfd3

Système d’exploitation: Windows 10 OS Version 2004 (Build 19603.1000)

I'm here to answer if you want more technicals information.
Have an awesome day ! (or night if you are in france like me) 

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Hi there, you are welcome to the Microsoft Tech Community!

The bug you are talking is seen from a month on the Canary and Dev Channel and so I had posted a conversation about this bug a month ago and I can also tell that the issue is browser-related but there is no official response from Microsoft about this issue. Let's see if @Deleted can give us some insights about this bug.


The second screenshot you have attached is not related to the issue and is Youtube's in-built theatre mode:


It is also seen that this issue is not only particular to YouTube but also to other websites as the same issue is seen on the Microsoft Tech Community:

Fullscreen works fine on Edge Stable version 83.Fullscreen works fine on Edge Stable version 83.


The Fullscreen is showing same issues as YouTube in Edge Canary version 85.0.545.0The Fullscreen is showing same issues as YouTube in Edge Canary version 85.0.545.0

 This issue is reported through the in-app feedback tool.

@Bluesky669000 Thanks for letting us know! This looks like a known issue that our team has on its radar. However, we'd still appreciate it if you could send us feedback and diagnostic data through the browser, either through the "..." menu or by holding down Shift+Alt+I.


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Thanks for the clarification. 
Ps: Yes i know for the Theater mode; it is to show that the ytb video work as expected otherwise.
Have a good day !

Hey! I got some update for you:
I was on an Linus Tech Tips video and it seems on this particular video that the fullscreen work fine.


But when i wanted to play any other video; the bug seems to be still there.
I started some investigation and found out that when you open a video link in a new tab:


The fullscreen work fine. 


Same video but without opening it in a new time and POOF the bug come back:


I hope these infomations can help you to fix this bug.
Have a great day !

The thing is that when you watch a video in fullscreen for the first or second time or some more times, then you will not see the bug but afterwards, it is seen forever till the browser is not restarted.