Missing Radio Buttons

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Does anyone have the issue where Edge does not display the radio buttons for a webpage so you cannot select an option for the control 

However this same page shows the radio buttons in Chrome.

Is there anything that can be done to fix that, it has been in the new Edge since it was first available for download but never since this fixed in the newer releases.




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It works fine for me

which website has that problem for you?

@HotCakeX After realizing it - it is a only a few websites like the Unemployment site and some others 

But there is nothing that I can really do as that is the browser analyzing the webpage itself.


Thank you for the input and response.



@HotCakeX - It is actually many websites - too many to name 

Anything with a radio button does not show the content 

I have tried to reinstall the browser after completely uninstalling the program and it still does it 

Below is a screenshot


I am not sure how else to proceed - I have tried on both the Dev Build and the Regular Stable build and it is still a problem - sometimes it allows me to click where the button is and it selects that option but not sure how else to proceed. I hope someone from Microsoft sees this.




Are you using any adblocker, any blocker in general or Edge tracking prevention set to strict?

@HotCakeX I am on the Balanced Protection setting and there are no ad blockers installed in the browser but perhaps this is my work laptop and all traffic goes through another end point perhaps that could be blocking it 

I will try to run some further tests on another machine that is not work related to see if that is indeed the case and I guess I will have to live with it till my work privacy blockers are updated for the new Edge browser as I doubt that will be anytime soon.


Thanks for the suggestions


@Vinod Jacob 


I know it's 3 years later but I am having this exact issue. It's caused some work loss issues for me at this point and I've 'yelled' at tech support for a couple of companies for their lack of usability and their sites always breaking.