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Hi everyone, 


I couldn't find information for this anywhere else, but recently, when using Edge, I no longer have the option to search the web when right-clicking on highlighted text. The only option there is to search Bing, which brings up a sidebar. 


Is this intentional or a bug in some way?



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which channel/version?
Hey, it's 88.0.705.81.
I'm also having this issue. Currently on Edge 90.0.818.62 (Official build) (64-bit).

I used to be able to remove Bing from my search engines and then it would switch back to being "search the web" which would open my search in a new tab, but lately it's now only 'Search Bing for "SEARCH"' which brings Bing up in a sidebar.

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I no longer have the option to search the web when right-clicking on highlighted text.

I've seen several reports of this in the past few days. I'm wondering if it's linked to the new Windows 10 News and interests feature. Do you have this on the affected machine?

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The feature has since come back for me but I don't know what prompted the change. I haven't done anything my side except update Windows as normal. 

@Noel Burgess 

Yes I have it available, but I've turned it off in the taskbar. It sounds weird that another product would interfere with it though unless they are coupled in some way. Even then, it shouldn't override my settings in the actual browser unless there's some weird edge case (haha!).


I'm running Windows 10 Insider Dev build 21382.1 (Windows 10 Feature Experience Pack 321.12100.0.3).

Just tried the Edge Dev build (92.0.891.1) and with the same settings as I have in stable I have two search items available in the context menu when I have text selected.
* Search the web for ...
* Search Bing in sidebar for ...

I've also checked the stable release on another Windows 10 machine I have, where the only option I have is "Search the web for ...".

It's very confusing with the amount of inconsistency regarding the text selection context menu. Just let me search using the search engine I have chosen and don't try to force anything else on me.
You're right, but unfortunately I think a lot of companies are going this way. Android is a great example of how, actually, a lot of user choice is being removed.