Microsoft Rewards integration into New Tab page


While I am aware that it's possible for a user to see their total points and daily quests for Microsoft Rewards at it would be nice to get a similar feature added to the New Tab Page as well. This would be done in a non obtrusive manor where, like the other parts of the New Tab Page, it can be toggled on and off. Alternatively an extension could be made so that a Microsoft Rewards quick view could be pinned where all the other extension icons appear. I know there is something like this from Chrome but a newer native application would be appreciated. 

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@Cameron_Bush This is how the Android verion of Edge looks like with Microsoft Reward intergrated into the "Settings and more" menu. If they could do this for desktop Edge, that would be amazing.


Yeah, integrating Microsoft Rewards into "New tab" would be great, but that should be second on their list.



Such a great idea!