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hello guys (and girls),


Today i want to ask to Microsoft if they can create one companion app for Edge who they will call Microsoft Password (or fuse this idea in Microsoft authenticator).


On IOS and on Windows 10 (i don't talk android since i hate Google (be evil) ) I want to autofill app with their ids without to have to copy past it (it's a nightmare for security because when copied every software launched on the computer have the right to read it !!).


Because for now, the password control from edge is not very useful, don't let us save password from local services (exemple my router who have broken https (since it's address is an internal one) and don't even import otp generator from the app), and if force us to copy past the password (if we want to use a password for an app) or in most case force us to use an external password manager and let the one from edge totally useless.



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better integration with apple icloud keychain too

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this is now available!

Saved Passwords in Edge are now available to All apps on Mobile - System Wide Password Manager