Microsoft Edge Won't open on M1 Mac after Download

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I am running Mac Mini M1 on MacOS 11.4. 

I would like to try out Microsoft Edge, so I downloaded from the official site, clicking the version made for the Apple chip. After opening the package and installing, Microsoft AutoUpdate runs automatically and everything is up to date, so then I click on Edge icon in the dock to open the browser, nothing happens. It doesn't open. I've tried deleting, emptying the trash and re-downloading from dice.. I simply can't get Edge to open at all. Is this a known issue? Any suggestions?

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I believe this is a known issue. Not sure how it has stayed 'broken' for SO long. I've been trying to ditch Safari for the longest time, and I cannot get Microsoft Edge to work on the mac. Not sure what MS is thinking, but clearly not overly concerned with it. Plenty of reports are available online. And I cannot get it to work on my Mac.