Microsoft Edge with Internet Explorer mode - How do I switch it to I.E. Mode


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Now. How do I switch it to I.E. Mode? 

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@Kan-Win Go to this special URL: edge://settings/defaultBrowser or navigating to SettingsDefault browser, under Internet Explorer compatibility set Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode to Allow:




Some help text from Edge:


Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode

This setting allows sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode if a site needs Internet Explorer for compatibility.


We'll show you options to Reload in Internet Explorer mode depending on your recent Internet Explorer usage.


You'll be allowed to reload a page in Internet Explorer mode by selecting Settings and more > Reload in Internet Explorer mode. You can also select Reload tab in Internet Explorer mode when you right-click on a tab, or choose Open link in new Internet Explorer mode tab when you right click on a link.

Don't allow

You won't have the option to Reload in Internet Explorer mode.


You will be asked to restart Edge.


Using IE mode

When you want to switch to IE mode, right click on the tab and select Reload tab in Internet Explorer mode:



You can also open a link in IE mode using the right-click menu:



IE mode toolbar button

If you use IE mode quite often, you can add the IE mode button to the toolbar by going to edge://settings/appearance or Settings > Appearance, under Customize toolbarSelect which buttons to show on the toolbar enable Internet Explorer mode button:



Page in IE mode

The tab will use the IE rendering engine and reload the page. The address bar icon becomes the IE icon and a popup shows you more information and controls, allowing you always open this site in IE mode. Note that IE mode will not have the IE interface:


However the right-click menu will be the one used by IE.


This pop-up can be shown again by clicking the IE icon in address bar.


The IE mode site list is not permanent

Since Microsoft encourages you to use Edge, the setting Open this page in Internet Explorer mode next time will expire after 30 days. The day you add the page to the list will be counted as day one. You can see when the page will expire in the same settings page as mentioned above:

Internet Explorer mode pages will be removed from the list automatically after 30 days.Internet Explorer mode pages will be removed from the list automatically after 30 days.


Clear IE mode browsing data

To clear IE mode browse data you need to go to edge://settings/privacy or SettingsPrivacy, search, and services, and choose the appropriate options under Clear browsing data for Internet Explorer:



Since IE mode use the same storage as IE, you will clear data for both of them.



Note: The screenshots are captured using the Development version of Edge in dark mode, so you may not have the exact same screen.


P.S. Feel free to use the feedback button, or press Alt-Shift-I to give your opinions to the Edge team.

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