Microsoft Edge Webview2 Runtime can't be uninstalled.


I've been redirected(from there) to ask here about one issue I have. Microsoft Edge Webview2 Runtime keeps getting installed on my PC. I can't uninstall it as next day it somehow installs itself back. Can someone please tell me what is going on? I don't use either MS Edge or MS Office so I want a clear answer on what it is and how to stop it.
Thanks in advance

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Hi, WebView2 isn't something you use and see it in action, there is no user interface for you to interact with, it's the backbone of other software that rely on it. Windows 10 has WebView 1 installed by default in it, number 2 is the one that's based on Chromium.

can't tell why exactly you have it without knowing what's on your computer.

which Windows 10 build are you using?