Microsoft Edge Wallpapers

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Greetings, Insiders!

I'd like a page for some Edge desktop wallpapers. It'd be nice.


I hope you like it 

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@HotCakeX Why, don't you want wallpapers for your desktop?
I didn't talk about wallpapers.
@HotCakeX But this topic is about wallpapers from Edge!!!
Use extensions or search engines to find them

@HotCakeX I want themes and wallpapers from Microsoft.
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Themes currently on Google extension store,
use the feedback button on Microsoft extension store to request adding them there.

at the top click help => send feedback
@HotCakeX I was wondering Is there any difference in extensions downloaded from chrome webstore and Edge Webstore? or they are similar, just hosted on different websites?

Note: I tried ublock origin and bitwarden on edge legacy _(when chromium edge wasn't out)_ & to be honest it was a horrible experience, that's why I was wondering.
Yeah they are similar.

2nd May wall paper : Beauty of bay meets brawn of the coastal mountains

Wrong notion somehow.  I really do not want anyone to believe this. Brawn of the "sharky" , "tide-y", jumpy , (we doubt the bay even if it was quiet) meets the still , quite beauty of the mountains is what