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Hello Microsoft Team,

I do not participate in forums, but the Bing start webpage with the news shown at its lower section, which I do look at for emerging news.

There one news outlet as video display with the mark on top right HD.

I found this called Hindostan News outlet.

The problem with this news presentation, that it similar to what Fox Cable news used to do while in their hiatus with trump unhealthy continuous lies about the current news.

Yes freedom of expression, but news journalism a sacred creed to spend their time finding the information to give us the "public" access to news that effect us and inform us of social and political aspects.   

This webvideo news HD deals with news against Ukraine, as a propaganda against the valiant Ukraine struggle.   

What triggered this message to MS team, if they  examine the news accuracy in their web pages?

Just moment ago the video display shows the news within the oval border shows on the video running, declare that Poland requested the Patriot defense battery to give to Ukraine, has been denied by Germany.  and in the same time, the narrative shows that this up to Germany to decide and Germany stated it will need to discuss with the alliance before "sending" the batteries.  Then news indicate the statements (as we can understand the wording) by Germany  defense minister (secretary of defense)  that they would send the batteries when alliance discussion approve it.


The request to show some respect for our intelligence, as MS should not allow news like Fox hubris to trumpty Dunkey people (yes Donkey, as it considered a very not smart animal, if you live where donkeys used by people in third world, you will know that, and the word used to describe a person just LIKE trump and the people how believe him with zeal and gust.

I know this not the place for this,  but the microsoft edge team  responsible for the content that shows on their  Bing page as a start page for the browser.

Thank you for reading this, and let us see what the team do, may be disclose that this not the place for their propaganda, yes we know trumpty dunkey people do not support Ukraine, but imagine what support texas will get if mexico decide to invade and take back their old part of mexico, or may invade California as it used to be part of their domain??  Or like pre WWII pacifist , waited until Japan attacked??? 

Do you believe that we learn from history, that those pacifist (many remained vocal, not all, remained against US mobilization for war!!


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