Microsoft Edge - Turn off translate prompt for known languages


Thank you for self-hosting translate on the new Edge browser. One of the key feedback that we have received is.

“For translation services, please include a never translate option, so the popup will not appear again for that language. Having the popup appear on every page can easily get annoying for bi-/multilingual people.”


We are working to address this. Meanwhile the following workaround will help

  1. Go to edge://settings
  2. Select “Languages” on the left hand side pane.
  3. You will get an option to “Add Languages”


Use this to add the language for which you do not wish to see the translate prompt.


When you add a language using above. The browser understands that that you know that language and hence will not show the translate prompt. You may revert this setting anytime you wish.

Note –You can still invoke translate on pages of those languages via the context menu.

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Thank you for the information, this helps as an American expat living in Germany.


The part that is interesting for me, is, that I can still translate if I wish, like something from a German site, then I can then copy the English translation into an English forum, and still not be nerved by the prompt.

I still cannot get it. I keep typing in class but it changes it to random words