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Hello and greetings from Portugal!


I was wondering if there's any rss feed or anyway to know when Edge gets a new release.

It would be great to get notified of that since we're taking the first steps on our enterprise with Edge and at least for now, auto-updates are disabled.


Best Regards!

Diogo Sousa

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RSS is old technology , so I don't think that would be an option. But having a website showing latest build and release note would be nice.

In general, when you open Microsoft Edge and go to About Microsoft Edge, it will show you what version are you using and it will updates automatically.

You may use preview build like Dev or Canary to see what is on the way and test it , before permit deployment of next stable build.

@Reza_Ameri-Archived thanks for your reply :)


Humm...really have "dual feelings" about RSS being an old technology...

It's still used heavily in the industry but, I would be thankful to have at least something  

Hi Chris!

Thanks for this reply. The thing is...
How can I get notified of changes automatically?

@Diogo Sousa I personally relayed a lot on RSS but since we have notifications inside websites, I stop using RSS.

Speaking of RSS, I believe it is good idea to talk about need of new technology to succeed RSS.

Do you have notifications for Edge? Where?

The release notes are pulled form GitHub. If you click Edit This Document at the top of the page it will take you there. On Github you can 'Watch' a repository. You might be able to have Github notify you when the release notes repo is updated. I don't do this myself so you will need to investigate.

I'll give it a try! :)
Thanks Chris!
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@Diogo Sousa Thanks for reaching out. To confirm, which channel are you looking to deploy? We stick to pretty consistent release schedules for each one, respectively.


And we actually do have an RSS option for the forums themselves, although it will likely give you a wider scope of posts than what you're hoping for. 




Fawkes (they/them)
Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

Hi Fawkes!
Really thanks for you answer. I'm looking for the stable version which I believe has something like 6 weeks schedule. But that's a nice thing I never noticed! :)

Tks for the help!

Best regards from Portugal!

@Diogo Sousa Sure thing, we're happy to help our community whenever we can!


To clarify, the ~6-week cadence is more descriptive of our Beta release schedule. For Stable, we try to stay roughly aligned with the Chromium Project's shipping timelines; this creates consistent experiences across the web and helps IT admins know what to expect.


Fawkes (they/them)
Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge