Microsoft edge not start working in version 89.0.774.48

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I used office PC which run Windows 7 Professional and update latest Microsoft Edge (target version is on the title) . Microsoft Edge is not open and ring load on cursor is blinking always. In try to reinstall many times and not fix it.

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When you reinstall it, did you choose to delete user data when you were asked during uninstall process?
Sure. I chose to delete all user data during uninstalling about couple of times. And It isn't fix.
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Well, I mean you're aware that Windows 7 is no longer officially supported since more than a year ago. it could be a compatibility issue with that OS.
if you can't update to Windows 10, can't clean reinstall Windows 7 and can't use current version of Edge, then use an older version that worked, like version 88

or try insider channels like version 90 in Dev or Canary channels