Microsoft Edge Insider Working on Windows 7

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Where is the logic here?

I Just downloaded it and installed as normal, and I can even set it to dark mode without any problem when it is not supposed to work in Windows 7.


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@leoj3008 For most parts, it probably works but what Microsoft mean to say is they haven't tested it in windows 7 yet.

Hello @leoj3008,

How does dark mode work on this beta?


@GregoryKOZAK1 You can enable the dark theme by going to edge://flags, find Microsoft Edge theme, change it from disabled to enabled and restart your browser. Now if your Windows 10 theme is set to dark theme it will also apply to Edge 

In windows 7 you have to add "--force-dark-mode" to the target attribute of the .lnk to enable dark mode.

@GregoryKOZAK1 for active dark mode go to edge://flags/#edge-follow-os-theme and enable that. 

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