Microsoft Edge for Other Devices

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Hi everyone,


I though it would be interesting to share this discussion. I am hearing people love Microsoft Edge and they want it to support on Xbox and HoloLens too.


I am wondering what do you think?


We could also consider supporting Microsoft Edge on other devices like Smart TV, Amazon Kindle and so on.


Any other device?

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Xbox and Hololens, definitely.
smart TVs would be good too, I'd seen some smart TVs using Opera as the built in browser, so why not Edge instead.

@Reza_Ameri-Archived  You forgot Smart Watches! My dad has a Samsung smartwatch. He bought it in 2016. I have one, too. I bought it in '18.  I hope Edge will be there too! How's this?

Yeah sure

@Kam @HotCakeX 

Good points, if you remember initial release of Skype, it supported Smart TV, Kindle and several other devices. Then Skype stop supporting those devices and limited to specific group of devices. I believe one wise strategy would be like Microsoft Edge supports multiple devices and then applications support as web apps on Microsoft Edge.

@Reza_Ameri-Archived  Yeah, that's genius.:hearteyes: