Microsoft Edge for Mac Text-to-Speech Problem

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There is no available Text-to-Speech option for Google Docs in MS Edge.


Please allow Apple’s Text-to-Speech technology to work in places where Edge’s Read Aloud option does not work. Google Docs is the primary issue.


As someone who is learning challenged and who teaches students with similar learning disabilities, having text read aloud is not simply a nicety, it is a necessary accommodation. It is also one that does NOT work in Microsoft Edge.


I’m talking about the following macOS feature: 

System Settings → Accessibility → Spoken Content → Speak Selection.


I can use this feature in Google Chrome (and other Chromium browsers), FireFox, and Safari (and other Webkit browsers) in Google Docs, but not in Microsoft Edge. 


That suggests that Microsoft has done something (intentionally or otherwise) to inhibit this functionality.


Again, Edge’s Read Aloud feature does not work in Docs either, so that means there is no available Text-to-Speech option for Google Docs in MS Edge.


I love and proselytize Edge as my Chromium browser of choice for a number of reasons. This ONE flaw, though, is a deal-breaker in too many situations.

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To be clear, in Edge, Apple's Text-to-Speech DOES work for most other web pages, but not in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. There were two other examples where neither Apple's Text-to-Speech nor Microsoft's Read Aloud worked, but I neglected to note them at the time.
I have this same problem and it is driving me insane. I recently switched from Chrome to Edge as my primary browser and have otherwise viewed it as an improvement. I spend so much time in Google Docs that I will likely be switching back to Chrome only because of this issue.