Microsoft Edge continues to run on close

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Microsoft Edge Version 98.0.1108.50 (Official build) (64-bit)


The only way I've found to ensure a proper close is:

Click on Setting and more (...)

Choose very last item in the menu that appears
"Close Microsoft Edge"


The Close (tab) or Close (X) methods will exit you out of Edge but does not close the application, it will remain running in the background.


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have you checked in edge://settings/system if the first 2 options, Startup-Boost and Background Apps, are both set to disabled? The Close (x) button works for me then.



Thanks for the help and your swift reply. Your comment was exactly what I needed to fix the close problem.



I just had the same type of issue. I was streaming a movie online and the screen options all disappeared. I was not able to close edge because the X in the top corner was gone and so was the entire bottom menu/apps. I had to press the start menu key to close edge.@LJsAce