Microsoft Edge Canary Mac 86.0.571.0 Crashes on startup OS 10.15.5

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     For over a week I have no been able to use Mac Edge Canary 86.0.571.0. The regular version 83.0.478.61 works with no issues thank god as it is my standard browser. I have deleted everything that I could find related to the Canary version and reinstalled and the same results. I launch then after 10 seconds it quits! Please help! Never had this issue before.





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@schesbh I'm having the same issue, my Mac updated to 10.15.6 (19G60D) last night. I can not get Canary to open and unwisely I do use it as my main browser!


Are you on Beta Mac OS too?

@tomjyoutwit  I am not on Bet a Mac but I do have the Microsoft Canary standard version as well that is configured exactly the same as my Canary so thankfully I can still use it for my work. I love Edge on Mac better than Chrome but why the Canary does not launch I cannot figure that one out. For my work I have 86 tabs that open on Start up! Don't ask... I have no choice given my work as a Digital Ambassador for the Alliance of Renault / Nissan / Mitsubishi. I need these sites open all day. Edge works so well with this compared to Safari, Firefox and Chrome. I hope that someone is monitoring this Mac Section and has answers for us.

@schesbh that's odd - tried it on my iMac just downloaded the latest Canary and it works fine.


Fingers crossed!

I am having the same issue with Mac Edge Canary 86.0.571.0. It started happening yesterday. I am running macOS 10.15.6 (beta 2). I installed the beta a week ago so I don't think that's the issue.

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@MilesTeg @schesbh updated to the latest version and we're back working again over here - how're you guys?

Good News.... Lates updates work on both my Macs now! Problem fixed!