Microsoft Edge Canary Icon Version- 91.0.826.0

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From the last four days, I am receiving an issue regarding the icon of the Edge Canary in the taskbar. It suddenly turned into a white page-like icon. I unpinned and repinned the icon and reinstalled Edge Canary but in vain.


Please resolve the issue as soon as possible.
Thanks & Regards,

Suryadip Sarkar.

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I'm on the same version and not experiencing this.
must be related to your system.
use the feedback button on Edge to report it.
shortcuts: Alt + shift + i
I have given feedback about it but have not received any response yet.
the responses aren't instant.
in the meantime, i think you should troubleshoot it on your end too.

did you change a setting, installed an update, installed a 3rd party program etc. that led to this problem?
I had installed Avast antivirus the day the issue began...
So that must be it. that 3rd party AV must have caused this, not Edge.

@suryadip890 Just rebuild your icon cache

taskkill /f /im explorer.exe
timeout 5
cd %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer
del /f iconcache*
del /f thumbcache*
start explorer.exe


I have to write this command in the Command Prompt (Cmd) ?

I am getting this type of error after I clicked on the Change Icon Option.

Copy and paste it to Notepad, save it as RebuildIconCache.cmd (change file extension), then run it

I tried it but it didn't work...

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Maybe check system restore and see if there is a restore point from before Avast was installed.

Thanks for your help...
It fixed the issue...


@suryadip890 wrote:

Thanks for your help...
It fixed the issue...

Oh that's great, happy to hear that :)