Microsoft Edge: Can't delete profile! Reconnection without a security request or password!

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The delete profile feature doesn't work when I use Edge with my Outlook account.

But even worse, even after a logout or profile delete attempt, any user can select my account without any security request like a password or notification from the Microsoft Authenticator!

Anyone using the same PC just has to select the profile to access all my saved passwords, history etc...


*On Chrome and Firefox, when you click on "log out" before closing the browser, the next time you open your profile, you will have to reconnect to your profile by entering a password

*On Chrome and Firefox, deleting a profile... deletes the profile (it no longer appears in selection).

Neither of these features works when I use Edge with my Outlook account.

Imagine: you are traveling and borrowing a person's PC. After your Edge session you log out. But the next person will only have to choose your profile in Edge to log in without any security measures to access your passwords and profile data!


The only solution I found to remove the profile is to go to the settings of Win10 Options==>Accounts>E-mails and accounts. There, my account appears next to that of my friend whose PC belongs to him. I select my account and deleting it removes it completely from Edge.


There is either a real problem with the design of Edge, or a problem with setting up with my account (Microsoft account? Authenticator?).

Also, I don't consider the ability to go to PC settings to delete the account as a real solution. Indeed, when you borrow a person's PC in Edge, you just want to close the session you just opened in Edge, and not go digging into the settings of a PC that is not yours.


I found people on Microsoft's US forums who have exactly the same problem as me:

Thank you for your help.

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