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Hi, my old version microsft edge has search function when it opens a PDF file. 


My computer auto updates when I close it, it installed a new version Microsfoft Edge browser, however, when I click a long PDF file of my school, the Edge opened the file, and it does NOT have a search function for PDF file anymore. 


Then I uninstalled the new one and got the old version Edge back. 


But now the old version Edge does NOT have search function for PDF anymore either. 

Can some one help me how to get back search function of PDF file with Edge browser? I need it to keyword search large PDF files for my school work. Thank you. 

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@XIUXUHi there, welcome to the Microsoft Tech Community!
This is not the right place where you have posted this conversation. This is the Community lounge of Microsoft Tech Community where members discuss problems and suggestions about community. You should post your conversation over here as you can probably get an answer or solution and Microsoft edge engineers can see what you are talking about?

Thanks @TheShaunSaw


@XIUXU I'm moving your question to Microsoft Edge Insiders - please post Edge questions here in the future.