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Dear Microsoft Edge people,

This is not to be taken offensive. I have found a bug.

When you switch to the Immersive Reader, you can't use the 'Add current page' option in collections. But after exiting Immersive Reader you can use 'Add current page' option normally.

Edit: This bug got fixed recently and is included in the next update.

Awaiting for your responses.


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Open Microsoft Edge and click on ...->Help and feedback->Send feedback and report these issues.



the bug you reported got fixed in the latest Edge dev update. just tested it too.  :smile:


  • Fixed an issue where items can’t be added to a Collection from within Immersive Reader. 

Dev channel update to 87.0.664.8 is live - Microsoft Tech Community

Yeah. They noticed. Great.

@Mugilan7 Yes, this should be set! Please let us know if you see anything similar in the future. We also request that folks send bugs through our secure in-browser tool ("..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback) so that our devs can have diagnostics if needed.


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