Microsoft Edge, macOS Catalina, and Flash player

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Since updating to macOS Catalina, Flash is unable to be enabled on a per site setting in Edge Dev.  I'm running Edge Dev version  It seems that macOS is blocking Flash within Edge Dev due to security issues (see attached photo).  This isn't an issue in Chrome.  I have this issue on two of my machines that are running macOS Catalina.  The Macs running Mojave or High Sierra are fine.


I tried updating Flash via http://edge:components, but it says that there is no update available.  Embedded Flash is currently at version


Anyone else having this issue?  It's not a huge problem since Flash is going away anyway and it's already been removed from a lot of sites.  That said, unfortunately, some sites still do use it.





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when you mentioned Chrome has no problem with it, do you mean the stable Chrome (ver 77) or Chrome Canary (ver 79) ?
because since Edge Insider Dev is on ver 79, i think it's better to compare it to Chrome ver 79 since they both feed from the same source (Chromium), this might be a new change from Google to make it harder to use Flash.