Media autoplay Needs to have the option to Block added

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The latest Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Dev Edge are my default browsers.


My only real complaint, which drives me nuts, is the lack of the ability to block Media autoplay. 


Please add this capability to both of the latest Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Dev Edge browsers As Soon As Possible (ASAP)! 


Thank you in advance.

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It's been in Edge for more than a year, in flags section.
simply enable this and restart your browser:



Thanks for the quick response.  


The capability needs to be matured and fully released (not just as an Experiment) ASAP.  Right now it shows up in the:

WARNING: EXPERIMENTAL FEATURES AHEAD! By enabling these features, you could lose browser data or compromise your security or privacy. Enabled features apply to all users of this browser.
I don't have the encounter the media autoplay that much with the sites Tech sites I mostly go to but my non-Tech wife does and she doesn't react well to things not working like she wants. 


There no "asap" , things are already moving and progressing fast.

don't worry about that warning, just don't enable other things and only enable: