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I'm a new user of Edge v98.0.1100.3 (Official builddev (64-bit) on Linux, coming over from FireFox.

After several days, I like its clean accurate rendering of pages. One particular test was the Yahoo News which FireFox had great difficulties with. But Edge shows it quite nicely.


But so far, I found no obvious way to manage Favorites. What? No drag-and-drop to rearrange?

Strangely on the drop-down list, sites can be moved but not on the Bar itself. What am I missing?

Please advise...  it seems such a blatantly missing feature, I'm thinking can it be true?


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If you have 'Use system title bar and borders' enabled, it is unable to rearrange favorites-bar nor extension buttons nor favorites-flyout items with drag&drop.
It is a bug since 97.0.1069.0 afaik.


Whether enabled or disabled, it makes no difference in favorites management. Only place where favorite items can be moved is in the overflow drop-down list.